The family

For hundreds of years the family and their ancestors have lived through viticulture, thanks to which they have been selecting plots to improve the quality of our wines. In 2005 José Vicente Domeco de Jarauta created Bodegas Domeco de Jarauta when his son joined the family business.

Our oldest reference dates back to 1898, the year in which grandfather Vicente produced a wine that was awarded a prize at the international exhibition in Barcelona.

All of our wine production comes from our family vineyard, which consists of 100 hectares of vineyards of, whose production represents 100% of our needs. It is also characteristic of the land where it is located, all belonging to the D.O.C.A. Rioja. They are old vineyards with low yields, calcareous clay soil with a large amount of boulders that achieve greater root penetration and better water filtration. The varieties we grow are Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano; typical varieties of La Rioja. We carry out a minimum number of preventive treatments in the vineyards so that they have always remained very close to organic.

The winery

In the style of a French "château" it is surrounded by one of its oldest vineyards.

In each campaign we harvest the grapes manually. We vinify our different grapes according to their quality and vineyard of origin, for this we have a large number of truncated conical tanks at controlled temperature. For aging we have a fleet of more than 700 Bordeaux barrels of 225 liters of French and American oak, we have increased the fleet with Russian and Romanian barrels in order to experience new nuances in our wines.

Elaboration process

Each of our wines has a common process in which we pick the grapes manually, transfer them to our facilities, passing through our tanks equipped with the latest and most advanced technology. Later we let them rest in barrels and finally we bottle them for consumption.


We harvest the grapes manually according to their optimum ripeness.

In each harvest season we carry out a harvest calendar that selects the vineyards according to their optimum ripeness.

The grapes are harvested by hand and before being unloaded they undergo quality control, as well as various analyses of our musts, which means that year after year the wines continue to maintain that great trait of quality and reliability.


Advanced technology and tradition, the perfect combination to produce our wines

Our modern facilities are equipped with the latest and most advanced technology in the wine industry. Modernity, tradition and know-how are the perfect combination for the elaboration of our wines.

We have a capacity to produce more than one million liters of wine. We have computerized stainless steel truncated cone-shaped tanks, where we carry out the fermentation at a controlled temperature of 28º C for a period of 15 to 20 days. Thanks to this wide range of possibilities, we can vinify the different grapes individually according to their quality and vineyard of origin.

Barrel aging

More than 700 225-liter Bordeaux barrels of French, American, Russian and Romanian oak for experimenting with new nuances

The winery has a barrel room where, thanks to the dark conditions provided by its vaulted wooden ceiling, its temperature control, a complex humidification system and total isolation, we create an environment conducive to the absolute rest of our wines at a cool and constant temperature.

Barrel aging varies between 24 and 36 months depending on the category of the wine. Every four months of the year, the wine is racked, a task that consists of transferring the wine from the barrels it has occupied to empty barrels. Through this important task, we separate the turbidity formed by decanting at the bottom of the barrels, and oxygenate the wine.

Bottle aging

It will remain in the cellar for a minimum of 9 months, depending on the type of wine.

Once bottled, the wine reaches its fullness due to lack of oxygen (lack that gives it softness) and will remain in the cellar for a minimum of 9 months, depending on the type of wine we will increase its stay.

During this time the wine is refined in the bottle for later enjoyment. Unlike other wineries, this is a task to which we attach great importance.

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